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Ulaş Özdemir

Ulaş Özdemir was born in Maras in 1976. He studied musicology/ethnomusicology and earned his master/Phd degree from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul.

He has participated in a variety of concerts and lectures in Turkey and abroad, performing on the traditional instruments of Alevi-Bektasi music, dede sazı, bağlama and vocal. He has performed and recorded albums with Ali Akbar Moradi, Kayhan Kalhor, Azam Ali, Niyaz, and his latest group Forabandit with Sam Karpienia and Bijan Chemirani.

He worked at Kalan Muzik as producer and production director between 1997-2010.

He recorded several solo albums, compilations and soundtracks. He has composed film scores and written arrangements that employ a broad array of instruments, with references to various music cultures from his country.

He is the author of Şu Diyar-ı Gurbet Elde - Âşık Mücrimi’nin Yaşamı ve Şiirleri (2007), Kimlik, Ritüel, Müzik İcrası: İstanbul Cemevlerinde Zakirlik Hizmeti (2016), Senden Gayrı Âşık mı Yoktur: 20. Yüzyıl Âşık Portreleri (2017) books and several scholarly articles.

He is currently working at Istanbul University State Conservatory as staff member.