The Companion (with Ali Akbar Moradi)

“The Companion” is a joint album, recorded live, between composer, ethnomusicologist and producer Ulaş Özdemir and one of the greatest living masters of the Ehl-I Haq tanbur, Ali Akbar Moradi. Moradi and Özdemir’s collaboration was the result of an introduction by their fellow musician friend Yiannis Kanakis, and “The Companion” consists of recordings of concerts the duo played in Antwerp, Belgium in 2006. As the album’s repertoire virtually introduce the bağlama and tanbur to each other, the vocals - Moradi’s pieces by Mevlana and Özdemir’s songs of Aşık Meluli – lend a unique character to the album. “The Compaion” consists chiefly of improvisations of Alevi-Bektashi tunes and their counterpart in Iran, the Ehl-I Haq makams. The name of the album reflects Moradi and Özdemir’s philosophy and musical companionship as well as their collaboration in the many concerts they have played together. Following their concerts in Turkey and Iran, Moradi and Özdemir went on an American tour in 2008 at the invitation of the World Music Institute; the content of their concerts came largely from this album. Meeting with even greater enthusiasm than they expected, they continue to build bridges between Anatolia and Iran. Though the Turkish and Iranian people are close neighbors, they live unaware of each other, as if much farther apart. Still, they share the same core values. Drawing on these common values, “The Companion” continues to bring the music of these two societies together.

Ali Akbar Moradi: Tanbur, vokal
Ulaş Özdemir: Baglama, vokal
1. Mahjouri 7’05”
2. Awaz - Semah 5’54”
3. Rouh-Ol-Arvah 4’45”
4. Saile Ashk 3’13”
5. Ghatar, Khawkar Maqam  3’32”
6. Veddae Akhar 2’30”
7. Awaz – Delroba 5’06”
8. Yare Asemani (The Companion) 7’54”

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