Forabandit derives its music from troubadour songs, which go back to Catharist thought in Occitania, and the aşık ballads which are based on Alevi and Bektashi faiths; the group sends its greetings from all the excluded of the lands of Occitania, Anatolia, and Iran to all forabandits in the world.



Sam Karpienia: Mandocello, vocal

Ulaş Özdemir: Bağlama, vocal

Bijan Chemirani: Zarb, percussion


1. Neydik Biz

2. Paur

3. Vesionari

4. Amor de Luenh

5. Madem Dilber

6. Leylam Mevlam

7. L’epictafi of Simon de Montfort

8. Dönen Dönsün

9. Cançion

10. Engabiolat

11. Dins lo Monde


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