Traces of Âşık - Âşığın İzleri

Ulaş Özdemir’s third solo album “Traces of Âşık - Âşığın İzleri“ contains âşık [troubadour] lyrics from 19th century to today which are all composed by himself. Özdemir follows the footsteps of the âşıks with their poetry and his music to express today’s life and problems like old âşıks. His compositions are inspired by traditional folk music from Anatolia and specially Alevi music, which are the main musical sources of the âşık music in Turkey, but they have the energy of Istanbul -the city that Özdemir lives more than 20 years- as well. Özdemir plays various bağlama sounds such as dede sazı, cura and divan in the album. He plays and sings all the songs.

Ulaş Özdemir: Bağlama and vocal



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